Fēfaur works with large companies and organisations in France and abroad, and with training institutions and eLearning professionals.



The management of the ACADEMIE ACCOR FRANCE asked Fēfaur to help redefine its provision and services targeted at the Group's operating entities, and to write the functional specifications of the future LMS module of the training platform, to ensure it was able to support the new strategy.



The International Training Division at CLARINS asked Fēfaur to carry out a SWOT analysis on the integration of eLearning and blended learning into the company's training provision, and to develop the master plan and the overall design of two pilot projects to test all the components of the solution at life size.



The management of CNEH, a leading French training organisation specialising in health, asked Fēfaur to assist with integrating eLearning and blended learning into its range of training and services, and with re-engineering a classroom training course to take account of the open distance learning approach and communities of practice.



The European division of the large Californian vendor of LMS platforms commissioned Fēfaur to produce a white paper on eLearning in French companies and a study on SaaS (Software as a Service), which was widely disseminated following a Webinar involving more than 200 participants.



The management of the eLearning BU at the Demos group, one of the largest global training operators, asked Fēfaur to conduct a study of eLearning and blended learning practice in large French companies. The first of its kind, this study remains authoritative, especially in understanding the practical barriers that can stand in the way of implementing these innovative approaches to training.



The management of GERESO, a leading French training organisation specialising in HR, commissioned Fēfaur to develop its master plan for eLearning and blended learning and to support management and centre managers in implementing the strategy, as part of a continuing consulting contract.



The management of the INFOPROMOTIONS group, a leader in the field of eLearning events, including conferences such as the Rencontres du eLearning et de la Formation Mixte and the eLearning Expo, hands over editorial responsibility for these events to Fēfaur.



The Network Communication Training Division of LA FRANCAISE DES JEUX relied on Fēfaur to define its change management strategy after blended learning was added to its broker sales and products training program.



The Corporate Training Division at MICHELIN asked Fēfaur to prepare a strategy note and an action plan on future eLearning and blended learning provision, taking the corporate goals into account.

Fēfaur supports MICHELIN in various areas relating to the implementation of its recommendations, such as content, platform and associated services, as part of an ongoing consulting contract.



The management of MOS, one of the leading European vendors of LMS platforms, asked Fēfaur to write a set of case studies illustrating the integration and development of eLearning and blended learning in large companies and European public organisations.



The Secretariat General of the WCO in Brussels asked Fēfaur to audit its existing eLearning and blended learning provision, and to produce recommendations aimed at optimising the cost of the programme and enhancing the services provided to private sector companies.

Fēfaur supports the WCO in the long term in its implementation of the recommendations, in e-learning and blended learning as in the wider field of training, as part of an ongoing consulting contract.



The operational management of PREVADIES commissioned Fēfaur to draft the business processes for its management services in the context of the introduction of its new IT system, and to support the teams in implementing the new procedures.



Having subscribed to the Fēfaur LMS Benchmark, the Richemont group was supported by Fēfaur in expressing its needs and developing the User Case for the acquisition of its new LMS and in the prior Steering Committee briefing bringing together key stakeholders at group and brand level.



The Customer Training Department for SAGE MGE, a leader in management software for SMEs and large companies, relied on Fēfaur to create its eLearning Master Plan: identification of projects with strong leverage / success indicators, overall training program design (production and delivery of the service and courses), help in roll-out, action plans, and worksites.



The Medical and Scientific Training Division at SANOFI AVENTIS FRANCE relied on Fēfaur to design the continuing training provision for all its laboratory medical representatives, responding to new obligations under the Medical Visit Charter and to the requirement for training delivered as eLearning and blended learning.



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Le Département Formation de SWISS LIFE FRANCE a demandé à Fēfaur de concevoir et d'animer le séminaire « Enjeux et problématiques du e-learning : Schéma Directeur et gouvernance ». Une journée de formation consacrée aux enjeux, bilan et perspective du elearning et de la formation mixte au sein de SWISS LIFE FRANCE.