Studies and White Papers
Féfaur carries out studies needed by businesses to see their Digital Learning strategy through successfully. These studies are delivered in the form of reports, white papers, seminars or conferences.
Where is the Digital Learning?
The Digital Learning becomes widespread, so it is important for managers to know the formation tendencies who work to make the best decisions: what works or not . Of all the trends , choose those that offer the greatest value , as soon as possible for companies and learners , to keep fashion phenomena. This is what guides us in this new White Paper Féfaur .
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Digital Learning: 8 suggestions to win over and hold on to your learners
Convince staff to try and to keep using Digital Learning for training long-term... Not as simple as all that! This is a matter of design, technology integration, making intelligent use of training and marketing statistics, etc. The new Féfaur White Paper, enriched by exchanges with Vodeclic teams, contains 8 suggestions to win over and hold on to your learners
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Digital Learning European Benchmark – 2nd edition
The 2nd edition of the Digital Learning European Benchmark led by Féfaur and CrossKnowledge takes stock of the progress of Digital Learning in big European businesses in all areas of the game: benefits businesses expect, Digital Learning contributions to business, main target public reached in firms, Digital Learning application fields, types of content used, place of Mobile Learning, obstacles encountered...
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Speeding up the digital transformation of training
Speeding up business in general, under digital technology fire; speeding up training or rather its digital transformation, which is seen as both threat and opportunity by market actors within and without the business. With the observation that we no longer have the choice: we have to get into battle order very quickly or be overtaken by events.
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MOOC: Employability goal
Employability by all: a goal on which there is consensus, a great lever through which to align the abilities and performance of staff on the business's professions and markets; a challenge to which MOOCs have brilliantly risen.
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How data analysis transforms training
The promise of data analysis: the training system “knows” what training programme the employee needs, even before he knows it himself... and it suggests it to him! Is this a loss of freedom? More like a welcome prospect for the most part, especially when coupled with the possibility of being trained anywhere in the nick of time... Analytics can do so much more, and is already the here and now!
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Seminars LMS Benchmark Focus
  • Orange
  • EDF
  • Sage
  • Societe Generale
  • Accor
  • Sanofi
  • Norauto
  • Thales
  • Danone
  • Michelin
  • Luxottica
  • Clarins
  • RATP