Founded in 2006 by Michel Diaz and Aude Dellacherie, Fēfaur is the biggest independent eLearning research and consultancy firm in the French market, and a European leader.

Fēfaur advises and supports companies and training organisations as they define and implement their eLearning strategies.

Fēfaur publishes the "Fēfaur LMS Benchmark", a comparative study of the major LMS platforms on the French market, to which many companies subscribe. Fēfaur helps companies and training organisations to express their needs and to choose and implement an LMS platform.

Fēfaur publishes authoritative economic and technical studies on eLearning supply and demand in the French market.

Contributing to numerous seminars, conferences and round tables in France and overseas, Fēfaur directs the publication of, the leading French website for eLearning business information.